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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Feed the birds, tuppence a bag..

Bird feeders are loads of fun. Not only is it fun to make, but watching the birds flock around to eat is both exciting and peaceful at the same time. We made ours out of two liter bottles, yarn, and a handy attachment. Since some of you may not have the handy attachment on hand, it is very easy to make due with what you have. Here is a little DIY that I found from the wonderful world of ehow:

  • An empty 2-liter bottle can make a useful and sturdy bird feeder.
    Wash the inside and outside of the bottle well, and remove as much of the label as possible. If there is a plastic bottom attached to the outside of the soda bottle, remove it.
    Drill two 1/8-inch-wide holes several inches apart in the center of the bottom of the soda bottle. These will be used to thread wire through for hanging the bird feeder.
    Drill four 5/16-inch holes in the sides of the bottle for perches. Make two holes directly across from each other and slide one dowel through two opposite holes. Make another two holes either slightly above the first two holes or slightly below so that the second dowel can be slid through these holes. Drill feeding holes above the perch holes. Make the feeding holes approximately the same size as the perch holes if the bird feeder will be used for sunflower seeds. The feeding holes can be smaller to use the feeder for niger seed.
    Use a wire coat hanger and clip off a section long enough to bend and twist into a hanger for the top of the bird feeder. Thread the wire through one hanging hole and through the second. Twist the wire to make it into a loop for hanging.
    Fill the bird feeder through the opening and twist the bottle cap on securely.

This is how ours turned out:

Remember to keep extra seed on hand. You'd be amazed how fast those little birds will eat all that food!

Crafty for St. Patty

K, that doesn't rhyme. But I've yet to post my St. Patty's day craft that I did with the kids.  It was super simple, just something small to honor the occasion. I used brown sandwich bags, then traced out eyes, a hat, a shirt, a hat, and some buttons. The kids really loved these, and I had everything on hand to make them. Success!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

We're getting set for a big vacation through California next week, but I'm still trying to get everything on this page that I have rolling around in my head. I still haven't posted all the wedding stuff.... but bare with me, it will all come together :)