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I'm no chef, but I do like to make food fun! Especially special occasion food. Because I LOVE special occasions. So whether it be butterflies or birthday cakes, you can find all my creations here. Feel free to send me yours and the possibilities will become endless!

These are for my little rock climber. I used cocoa rice crispy treats for the mountain, and each one had a raisinette to add a little more "rockyness" to it. The rope is made from twizzler pull and peel, and tied around a toothpick. It was really easy to cut out the little triangles, then I added a tiny bit of hot glue to the flag and stuck it on. The kids had a lot of fun with these!


What better way to make a healthy snack to grab on the go?! I actually made these for Keira's dance class on the day of their recital. They were not messy, which is exactly what I was going for since the little ones were all still in costume.  I was lucky to have some help from my crafty Mama, who was on hand to help out with all 30 butterflies

Snack Size Ziplock Baggies
Fruit Snacks
Dried Fruit
Glitter Glue
Pipe Cleaners

This is very easy. First, we painted each clothes pins with the glitter glue and stuck on the eyes. We later had to hot glue some of the eyes to stay on, so keep that in mind. We only had to do that to a total of maybe 3, so just a little extra glitter glue should be fine if you don't have hot glue. I just happened to have one next to me for a different project.. Then, we simply filled each bag with some dried fruit and fruit snacks, bunched up the baggie in the middle, and wrapped the pipe cleaner around it. Clipped on the clothespin so the eyes were at the top, with the antennae, and voila!

Baby Chicks

These came out super cute. I got the idea from Martha. Unfortunately, what Martha did not mention is that those little red and black licorice pieces do not come in those colors alone. I realized this as I hunched over the little clear candy tub at the grocery store picking them out one by one with the little prong things. But it was worth it, aren't they adorable?!?

These were pretty easy. I made them for Easter and everyone loved them.

I used carrot cake

box of cupcake mix - or your own recipe if you're feeling like a go getter :)
frosting (I used the kind in a tub)
coconut toasted (just for a few seconds spread out on the pan and placed in the oven)
almonds (I used roasted ones)
candy covered licorice (and again, they do not come alone in black and red. If you find them together in those colors only, please let me know- it could really save me some time and sanity)

bake the cupcakes with no liners and let cool. Flip them upside down and frost. Take handfuls of the coconut and cover the frosted cupcakes. Then, add the almond beak, the black licorice eyes, and the red comb. And that's it! Almost too cute to eat... but they are too yummy not to!

Racecar Brownies (vroom vroom!)

My little boy loves racecars, and since all of his school friends couldn't make it to his birthday party, we decided he needed to bring a little of his favorite thing to share with his class. These were not very time consuming and everyone loved them.


You may be able to get a little more creative with the wing, but here's my go at it-

brownie mix, or homemade
chocolate frosting
Mike & Ike chews
red icing for number

This one is pretty self explanatory. Just bake and cut the brownies, frost, add the skittle wheels, the Mike & Ike wing, and the red icing number. If you want to get super creative, you could come up with some clever little decals.. I wouldn't imagine any child would complain about chocolate covered brownies.. and I didn't hear of a single unsatisfied little one. These were real winners!

Rock Climbing Cake
The 2 men in my life LOVE to climb things. Rocks, trees.. and even more recently, the rock wall that
Dad attached to the side of the house. So what kind of cake do you make the boulder lover in your house? Well, a chocolate one. With a rice crispy treat mountain, of course. Yum!

This cake was a lot of fun to make. I didn't really have it all planned out before I started, but I like the way it turned out.

Cake Mix (or home made)
chocolate frosting
crushed oreos
crushed graham crackers
chocolate rice crispies
other, rock like cereal if you have any (I used some leftover captain crunch that we had)
red pull and peel licorice

bake a sheet cake, cut out a hole near one end, then frost and cover w/ oreo "dirt"
make a trail w/ the crushed graham crackers
mix the rice crispy treats and build a mountain in the hole
form little "boulders" out of remaining rice crispy treat and scatter along the front of the cake

white paper

Write the name of said birthday person on the paper, then cut in to a triangle
attach to toothpick w/ tape

stick the flag on the top of the mountain and tie the pull and peel around it.

Race Track Cake


I must admit, I can't take a shred of credit for this cake. My mom made this for the boys' 4th and 5th dual birthday party. It's a sheet cake, oreo crums, and green frosting. Although I probably would have died some coconut green to use as grass. I believe we were short on time for this one. Hohos were cut in half and used to prop up the nutter butter bars. The cars are good ol fashion hotwheels that the boys got to keep.

DIY Kid's Dessert

I like to find things that the kids can make themselves.. I love fun foods, but, let's face it, generally it's a huge pain to have the kids help (though I usually do..)
Here is a really fun dessert that I make with the kids sometimes. I take a box of pizza crust mix (less than a dollar) and I usually have a stash of candy in the top cabinet that I use, but you can also let the kids pick out their own from the store. (I'm what you call.... "savvy" lol) Put the 2 together and you have a home made dessert pizza that the kids LOVE.

You can play around with it, but for this one, we used frosting as the sauce! yum!!


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